Accessing the Internet Service via the CS Globalnet Network

International access to the Internet via the CS Globalnet network carries a surcharge of US$ 6.00 per hour (billed as $0.10/minute) or US$ 12.00 per hour (billed as $0.20/minute) or US$ 24.00 per hour (billed as $0.40/minute), depending on the country from where you are connecting. This surcharge (billed through the Internet service) is applied to all usage time (including trial and "free" area time) and will be included in your monthly bill. This is in addition to our normal hourly usage charges. See the International Access area at Keyword: PHONES for more information, the surcharge for specific countries, and access instructions.

The following surcharge rates will apply for access from the countries listed below:

Columbia      US$ 34.00/hour
Indonesia     US$ 34.00/hour
Peru          US$ 34.00/hour
Russia        US$ 34.00/hour
Singapore     US$ 34.00/hour
Taiwan        US$ 34.00/hour
Vietnam       US$ 34.00/hour
Jordan        US$ 42.00/hour
Kuwait        US$ 42.00/hour
Nigeria       US$ 42.00/hour
Romania       US$ 42.00/hour
Venezuela     US$ 42.00/hour

Note: For members who access the service in a manner where more than one communications surcharge may be applicable, the highest applicable surcharge shall apply.