"Fair Use" Policy

You are completely liable for all activities conducted through your account.  You may not permit any other person to use your account without your direct supervision.  You may not reveal your account password to others or allow use of your account outside of your own household.  Only one user may use the account at any one time.

You may not use your personal account for high volume usage in excess of 45,000 minutes per billing period.  This is the equivalent of 24 hours per day for 31 days (the maximum length of a billing period). You must use our commercial services if you require commercial levels of reliability and service.

This Internet service reserves the right to disconnect a dial-up account after fifteen minutes of inactivity.  This disconnect time is subject to change without notice at this Internet service's discretion.  Electronic or mechanical means to avoid an inactivity disconnect are prohibited. This prohibition includes "pinging" the mail server, employing electronic or software autodialer features to maintain an active connection or repeatedly checking for mail by automatic login to the mail server.

Account holders found in violation of this usage policy may be subject to $2.95 an hour in addition to their monthly membership fee, account deactivation and other actions by this Internet service as a result of violation of this policy.