How can I avoid busy signals when I try to log on?
To make logging on easier and reduce the chance of busy signals, be sure to include multiple access numbers with your Netscape Connect setup information. When you log on, Netscape Connect will dial the first number, and if it's busy, it will automatically move on to the next number and on down the list.

To Add Access Phone Numbers:

1. You may want to print this page first.
2. Sign-off Netscape Connect.
3. On the Sign On screen, click Setup.
4. On the Netscape Connect Setup screen, click Add a new Netscape Connect phone number to connect to Netscape Connect. Then click Next.
5. Type in the Area Code you wish to call.
6. Select a phone number from the list on the left, and click Add. Select at least two numbers. NOTE: Not all phone numbers listed may be a local call for you. Please check with your local phone company to make sure.
7. After selecting at least two phone numbers, click Done.
8. Sign on to Netscape Connect.