Are you the primary account holder on your account? If so, you are the sole person who can make payments for the account. But there is a way to share the responsibility – you can add a secondary billing contact.

A secondary billing contact:

• Can receive support from Member Services.
• Acts as your representative in your absence.
• Will have access to all of your billing information.
• Can make changes to your account information, such as passwords, Advantage Plans, contact information and payment method.

Tip icon.Keep in mind - As the primary account holder, you will continue to be financially responsible for your account and its compliance with our Terms of Service.

Designate a secondary billing contact

1. Go to My Account and sign in with your primary username and password.
2. Click Update Contact Information.
3. Make sure all of your current information is correct.
4. Under "Secondary Billing Contact," enter the full name of the person you want to designate for the role.
5. Click Save.