Feel safer when you go to bed at night. For only $4.941 month, this plan is designed to safeguard your computer from viruses, hackers and hardware failure. Plus it provides essential Netscape Connect support! You can get all this without compromising your budget.

You’ll get access to our online security protection available from McAfee VirusScan Plus – Special Edition from AOL2† for up to 3 computers. You’ll also be eligible for up to $250 per year of Extended Computer Protection from AOL3† to repair or replace your computer in case of hardware failure, live technical support by phone, and 10 hours per month of Netscape Connect’s fast and reliable dial-up access4.

In addition, you’ll receive Netscape Connect’s most popular features, such as email and the Netscape Connect all-in-one software.

The Netscape Connect Support & Security Plus plan is a great value, saving you about $15 per month over purchasing these premium services separately.

Netscape Connect Support & Security Plus – Limitations & Restrictions

Coming soon.

1 (Netscape Connect Support & Security Plus) Additional taxes may apply. An additional $5 monthly charge will still apply if premium services or additional fees are paid through your checking account or telephone bill.

2 (McAfee) Download at get.aol.com/mcafee.

3 (Extended Computer Protection) Limitations and exclusions apply.

4 (10 hrs dial-up) Any dial-up hours over the 10 hours included in this plan will be charged at $0.99 per hour, up to a maximum of $7.00 per month. Members in certain areas, including Alaska, may have to pay additional communications charges. If you connect to Netscape Connect using a dial-up connection, you may incur additional charges on your telephone bill, depending on your location and calling plan. Please check with your telephone company for more information. Minimum system requirements apply.