Month-to-Month Plan
RATE: $9.94 per month for membership for unlimited Internet access and charged monthly on your billing cycle date.  To determine your billing cycle date, please see Keyword: BILLING and click "Display Your Billing Terms."

ADDITIONAL CHARGES: Communication surcharges for certain access telephone numbers may apply in some areas and premium services carry surcharges.   These surcharges automatically will be charged monthly to your credit card (or other method of payment). Additionally, you may incur telephone charges on your phone bill depending on your calling plan and location. Please check with your local phone company to ensure that the access numbers you have selected are local calls in your calling plan.

CANCELLATION: You may cancel your membership at any time. Your payment obligations for charges you may have incurred through your cancellation date are subject to the terms of the Member Agreement. Please see Keyword: TOS and click "Member Agreement" for details.