Why Can't I Cancel My Membership Online?

We appreciate the time you invested in trying the Internet service.  We are very interested in why you are canceling and would like the opportunity to speak with you directly. We are committed to creating the best online experience for our members. To achieve this, we must understand your needs or address your concerns. Many of the improvements we've made to our service are based on feedback received from members like you. While we're speaking with you, we can also ensure that the proper account is viewed and closed as you request. This process is done through verification of information on the account.

Please be sure to have your current account information available including your full name, address, day and evening telephone number, and your current payment method.  This information verifies you as the contact person for your account. If you wish to handle termination of your account by telephone, you may call Member Services at 1-888-855-0942 for assistance.  Alternative means of canceling are explained at Keyword: CANCEL.